Coaching Conscious High Achiever Soul Led Female Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Healers & Coaches To Build Their Empire With Certainty, Ease, Flow & Fun


1:1 High Level Transformational Coaching

YOU : 
You're a powerful high performer and your energy is colossal! A lot of people, women and men, are intimated by you and you tend to be "too much" for them; too authentic, too energetic, too bold, too honest, too transparent, too lit, too loud, too gifted, too extraordinary, too YOU! Your light shines bright as fuck where ever you go and you light up every room you walk into; it shines light on the darkness and transmutes it instantly. And although people absolutely LOVE you, you intimidate the fuck out of them. You're a NATURAL LEADER, you were born to impact the world positively and powerfully and you have a mission and dream that scares the shit out of most people! You're the complete opposite of mediocre and now you're ready to lead and fulfill your life's mission, turn your dreams into a reality and live the life you've always dreamed of... but something's missing. You don't quite have the proper support system to support you unconditionally, cheer you on and remind you of your greatness and hold space for you simply when you need to vent because entrepreneurship and leadership isn't a path of least resistance. It's not a path for the faint hearted and it's not fucking easy. We were built different and in order to succeed we have to have the right people on our team and backing us up. You're ready to hire a coach who isn't jealous of you or your success, intimated by you, thinks of you as just a number, thinks your dreams are too big or doesn't want you to have more success than them. You're looking for a coach who's as powerful as you, who is on the same frequency and who will do whatever it takes to help you win and impact the fucking world as powerfully as you came here to do! You're done playing small, you're ready to go all in on yourself and your dreams and you're willing to do whatever it takes!

ME :

I'm a fierce, powerful, highly sensitive, empath, alpha, wild woman, conscious, high performing soul led woman who had everything stacked against her and conquered it all! I'm on a mission to change the world for the better and leave behind a legacy most could never even envision. My intention with my clients is to serve them as powerfully as humanely possible, to remind them just how powerful they truly are, to fuel them, support them, guide them and take them even deeper within themselves so they can know the depths of who they really are so they are able to use their gifts, talents and unique self to accomplish their goals and turn their dreams into a reality. I help my clients achieve their goals and dreams with ease, grace, flow and fun. I help them see what they can't see, I push them past their "limits", I challenge them and help them get exponential results in their life and business. I work with my clients to bring fulfillment, success and abundance to ALL areas of their life - inner happiness, abundant loving relationships, financial wellness and overflow of wealth, optimal health, spirituality and deep connection to self and source, amazing sex and orgasms and richness in every fucking atom of life. You came here to win, you came here to impact, you came here to lead, you came here to thrive, you came here to live all out and create from the quantum field your best fucking life, and I'm here to help you achieve all of it AND MORE!!! 


I work with conscious high achievers, entrepreneurs, coaches, healers and leaders to live their most prosperous life. I help you overcome limiting beliefs and whatever is hindering you from reaching that next level or desired reality. We dive deep into how you see the world and are creating your current reality and then exactly what steps you need to take to get exponential shifts and results in your life. Because how you see your world, is how you create your world. My mission is to help you remember just how powerful you really are and then tap into that power to create the life you desire. If you're ready to win and to live a life you absolutely love then you've come to the right place. I combine energy healing with transformational coaching for you to get the fastest, most graceful results and success within your life and business. I don't play small, I don't hold shit back when coaching, I'm honest with you and blunt because I want you to win! I'm not going to lie to you or fluff shit like your friends or other coaches have done. I'm going to challenge you and push you past your "limits" because I know you're capable of extraordinary things and have a big mission to fulfill. 


We work together for 6 months or 1 year; anything less will not create long lasting impact and the results you seek, and I believe is a disservice to my clients for their investment and time. 

If you're interested in having a powerful conversation and to see if we're a good fit to work together, schedule a call below.

Underwater Dive


Powerful Deep Dive Coaching Experience

In this 3 hour deep dive coaching intensive, we're going to go deep into your past, future and present to get you clear on what is holding you back, what it is you truly want and how you're going to get there. We dive deep into every area of your life leaving nothing untouched so that by the end of this intensive you'll have a clear blueprint of your life, what you're now creating and exactly how you're creating it. 

This is perfect for anyone who isn't ready to commit to deep 1:1 transformational coaching but wants to take their life or business to the next level and hasn't had success in doing so yet. 

Email me with the text "DEEP DIVE" to book a session. 

Chess Game


One 60min - 1:1 Intuitive Transformational Coaching Experience

Breakthrough whatever challenge you're currently struggling with. 
Leave with clarity, confidence and an action plan for the next 90 days
to help you conquer and succeed in your current struggle or goal. 

Email me with the text "ASCEND" to schedule a session.