Transformational + Motivational Speaker

Cher is an expert at overcoming adversity, achieving the impossible, self-healing and self-transformation. She speaks on the power of the mind, self-mastery, personal development, holistic healing and quantum creation. Growing up suffering from childhood abuse, trauma, sexual abuse, chronic illness Fibromyalgia, drug addiction, suicidal depression, CPTSD and anxiety and sleep problems, Cher has overcome it all by self-healing and completely recreating herself and her life. Her passion is empowering others who have suffered similar adversities, especially youth and young adults as her mission is to empower them with the tools necessary to heal and transform themselves, and create a whole new life filled with happiness, fulfillment and success. Giving them the tools, guidance, motivation and inspiration that she had wished she had received when she was a young girl who was lost, empty, broken and had no guidance or support system. She strives to be the light to these young souls so they don't self-sabotage and go down a dark path like she had for 10+ years of her teen and young adult life. 

Cher has a powerful energy that captivates every single person she comes into contact with. She has a natural healing ability by just being in her presence that transmutes the darkness and pain, allowing the person/s to feel lighter, powerful beyond measure and able to overcome anything in their life! Cher leaves the audience crying, feeling seen, accepted, valued and empowered to accomplish anything they set out to do. Many say her energy is infectious and life changing! 



"You Were Born A Lion"
Overcome Trauma, Abuse & Adversities - For Youth & Young Adults  

After living most of her life facing adversity consistently, surviving childhood abuse, trauma, rape, chronic illness, suicidal depression, CPTSD & drug addiction, Cher was able to heal herself from all of it. Yup, all of it!!! She healed and cured herself from the "incurable". Cher's story will leave the audience speechless, inspired, motivated, empowered and not feeling like they're alone in all they've suffered! They will leave feeling confident that they too can heal, transform and create a whole new life, that they love and are fulfilled in!

"You Are Your Own Healer & Savior" - For All Ages

After healing myself from 10+ years of suffering with Fibromyalgia, suicidal depression, chronic anxiety, CPTSD, drug addiction, rapes, and abuse from childhood I made it my mission to help other's free themselves from their misery and pain. In this talk, Cher speaks on the importance of mindset and energetics, as well as nutrition and lifestyle when it comes to healing your own body. She teaches you how to be your own savior and healer, right now!

"Charged + Aligned" - For All Ages

We live in a quantum universe, and you can either master the game or get played by the game. Cher chooses to master the game and teach others how to master the game so they can truly live their best life, no cap! Cher discusses the power of creating from the quantum field, why we must live our life charged and exactly how, the importance of your average frequency and tools to help you stay charged and aligned to tap into and create your highest timelines. 

Women's Event in Malibu, CA 2019

Women's Event in Malibu, CA 2019

Speaker at Norma Hollis' Event 2019

Speaker at Norma Hollis' Event 2019



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