Energy Transmuter đ“‚€ Mystic Alchemist
Motivational + Transformational Speaker | Neo-Shamanic Healer 

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After overcoming a life of adversity it is Cher's mission to help other's who have faced adversity overcome the challenges and blockages not allowing them to thrive and live a fulfilling life.
From childhood abuse, sexual abuse, narcissistic abuse, drug and alcohol addiction of 10 years, Fibromyalgia diagnosed at 18 years old, CPSTD, suicidal depression, severe panic attacks, abandonment and never receiving unconditional love or support - Cher has almost faced it all! 
Now today, she is completely free from it all, she has self-healed from all mental and physical health issues and illnesses, as well as all addictions, and is living a conscious holistic optimal lifestyle where everyday is spent in gratitude, bliss and alignment with her highest self. 
Cher is passionate and determined in her journey to empowering the people of this world with the tools, guidance, knowledge and LOVE necessary for them to conquer and thrive. 
Her infectious passionate energy will open your heart and lift your soul instantly!